Avon Business Opportunity Presentation

If you’re looking for ways to make money from home or considering becoming an Avon representative, you definitely want to watch the following presentation. Many people are familiar with Avon from 30-40 years ago but they haven’t seen what New Avon has been up to. I created the following video to share some of the updates so you can see Avon is still in the game and MAY just be the perfect home-based business opportunity for you.

If you are a current Avon representative, I suggest that you watch the video as well. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the new things in store!

Not an Avon representative but looking from work from home opportunities?

Check out the new Avon business model and compensation plan?
Visit https://1qr.com/cwarcv1.

Want to buy Avon online? Visit http://www.beautybosswins.com to see a current Avon brochure!

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Business Updates from Avon Leadership Call

Hi everyone!

Avon just finished our March leadership call and I wanted to share with you all some of the updates on the way so that you can prepare yourself and your customers. Note: you will see this information come from Avon via e-mail and youravon.com in the next few weeks so be on the lookout. Be sure to read the Beauty Buzz or follow Avon USA Representatives on Facebook.

Upcoming changes:

– Policies and conditions will be updated tomorrow. When you log into youravon.com, you will be taken to 2-page site to review and accept new policies.

Changes coming Campaign 9 (April 3):

– Cost of brochures will increase for those who purchase over 50 brochures at once
– Shipping will increase for representatives; as you know, the shipping costs vary depending on the size of your order. All shipping costs will increase by $1. So if your order is $100, your new shipping cost is now $8 instead of $7.
– Shipping on your e-store (for online customers) will remain the same
– Youravon 1.0 is going away in the beginning of April so if you haven’t converted to Youravon 2.0, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to convert as well as how to use the new platform

For leaders or those interested in leadership (maybe someone expressed interest in becoming an Avon rep before):

– Beginning in Campaign 9, no more $25, $50 and $100 starter kits! Instead, there will be an enrollment fee of $30 and they’ll be able to pick their own personalized kit (see details below).

I’d also like to share with you something one of our Avon representatives posted recently. With the increased costs of both shipping and brochures, it makes perfect sense.

Crystal sends out 82 brochures per month which cost her at least $100! She made this post and instead of 82 people complaining, she had 250 people give her their e-mail addresses so they can receive the digital brochure!!! Of that, she’s already received 7 online orders!!!! Amazing, right?!?!?!? She’s saving money and time:

– no brochure costs
– no shipping costs
– no delivery times

Just straight profit and yes, she’s converting her traditional face-to-face customers as well as gaining new online customers!

Check out the post she made on Facebook:

New enrollment info:

Remember, this info will be formalized and sent out by Avon; however, take advantage of the current info and look to see if you need to make adjustments in your Avon business. If you are interested in leadership or you are a current leader and someone states they don’t have the money to join, maybe you can inform them that now is the time as the kit/enrollment will increase soon. With the new enrollment, they only receive 2 brochures as opposed to the 20 with the $25 kit. I’m not sure if they’ll receive samples either (we’ll have to wait and see) so if cost is an issue, you may want to let them know.

Also, if you have people who are more digital or maybe they weren’t excited by our starter kits, you can let them know that we have something coming specifically for them in the next 3 weeks or so. Use this information to your advantage!


How to Share Your Website Link Effectively

Being a digital marketer for a few years now, I’ve witnessed some major things that can actually be counterproductive and cripple your online business.


In a previous video, I showed how to grab your website link to share your digital brochure. Now I want to cover how to effectively share the website link so you aren’t being reported for SPAM and/or running potential customers away!

New video: 


Online and Traditional Fundraisers

Good morning!

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! Last week, Avon did a training for fundraisers and I thought they had some EXCELLENT ideas and suggestions on ways to use our online fundraiser tool such as a Facebook party or getting people to try Avon for free (set up online fundraiser, give them the link and let them share it with friends to see how easy selling Avon can be).

Ideas for posts:

– “if there was a way for you to try Avon for free, would you do it?”

– “Who would like to test out how I make money from home for free”

– “Who has thought about becoming an Avon representative but doesn’t have the money to start”

– “Does your kid’s school need extra money? I’m looking to help 5 organizations raise money.”

– “Did you know we have online fundraisers”

For more ideas, tune in here (click) or copy and paste this URL into your web browser: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/viewRecording/6784878843718083842/5338762668200735489/ireneforbeauty@outlook.com?registrantKey=2070208168248725260&type=ATTENDEEEMAILRECORDINGLINK

How to Find New Customers Using Facebook Business Pages

How to Find New Customers Using Facebook Business Pages

Are you struggling with getting your existing friends and family to purchase from you? Expand your circle! You should always be expanding your circle! Here’s a simple way to find more customers online using Facebook Business Pages.

Remember, we are in the people business. We are professional friend makers. Start connecting with more like-minded people. When you can speak to people on a personal level, they will begin to know, like and trust you. Once you can speak to them, then you can speak to them about your business.

Video here:


Using Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Do you use Facebook*, Instagram or Snapchat stories?

They’re a great way to post more often, pique curiosity and increase engagement. Stories allow your friends/followers to follow along — being tuned into you and your message.

Facebook and Instagram have algorithms which means depending on the relevance and frequency of your posts, they may not be distributed to your friends/followers.

This is why sometimes it seems as though no one is seeing your post.

The goal is to make the social media platform fun and engaging so users want to come back. Therefore, it doesn’t allow users to take up the news feed. Just think: your friend is having a bad day and makes 189 posts about how men are the devil. You wouldn’t want to go through all 189 posts in order to get to your other friend’s post, would you? The algorithm and visibility take your best or most relevant (depends on if audience engages) and then shows that to people as they’re hopping on the platform.

As such, RARELY will your news feed be filled with only one person’s post.

This is why it’s important to schedule your most impactful post during prime hours (when more people are on the platform).

I suggest posting to Facebook/Instagram no more than 3 times per day and spacing the posts out at least 4 hours apart so they’re not competing with one another.

Then use your stories throughout the day and during those downtimes.

Posting to your story does not affect your algorithm.

You can post as much as you want and it actually boosts your engagement because 1) your profile appears at the top of our news feed (see below) and 2) you can post more often so we tend to want to know more.

If you haven’t, give it a try! Not only can you post more frequently, but you can upload fun pictures and videos, include music and all messages/responses go directly to your inbox (where you want people to be).

Here’s just a recent example:

A fellow network marketer (another company) watched my story. I showcased our Crave Lip Gloss and included the song by Lil Mama… Think the title is Lip Gloss is Poppin’ (not sure but I thought it was relevant lol).

Here’s someone looking for recommendations:

The cool thing about stories is that they automatically disappear after 24 hours. If you want people to act now, say it!

Instead of filling your profile with multiple product posts (looks like spam and runs people away), you can do more with your stories. New friends/followers won’t be able to see it if the time has elapsed.

Also, a new feature that Facebook recently adopted from Instagram is the highlights feature where you can save your story to your profile so it doesn’t automatically delete. Great if you want to highlight the cool pictures you created during uploading the picture/video or if you just want to showcase certain aspects of your life.

* On Facebook, stories can be uploaded to your personal profile, business page and Facebook group!

Need more help? Let me know!!!!