Increasing Your Average Order Size

Getting new customers for any business is always a greater expense than finding customers and keeping those customers. When it comes to building a solid business, you need to learn how to listen to and educate your customers in order to turn one-time purchases into repeat buyers. Don’t think of it simply as sales. It is your opportunity to learn more about your customer in order to help them find the perfect solution to their needs. By doing most of their shopping with you, they’re saving money AND it’s more convenient. It’s a win-win! So don’t be afraid to offer solutions and educate them on the benefits of the product.

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How I Just Sold $200 in Avon Products Without Leaving the House

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season with friends, family, love and laughter. I wanted to share with you how I’m still working my business without missing out on any of the fun and festivities and how YOU can do it too! You’re probably reading this e-mail on your cell phone, right? And for this business building tip, that’s all you really need.

Did you know there’s still plenty of time to place an order and receive it before Christmas? Do your customers know?

Check out my latest Youtube audio on how you can take advantage of the holiday season and earn a little more money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emQdqE-JxTo

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How to Use Your Personal Products to Generate Online Sales

I think we’ve all heard the saying before “no one wants to feel sold.”
People actually like buying — this past Monday, the news reported Black Friday/Cyber Monday was the highest amount sold in history!!!

You joined this company because you like the products, right?

Are you actually showing yourself WITH the products?

Most people don’t want to see stock photos. They can go online to find them. The reason why social selling and building a personal brand is so effective is because people feel connected to YOU.

Start taking pictures of the products and something that gives people more info or make them want to know more.

It doesn’t have to be super professional with a backdrop — that’s the point of the stock photo.

Instead, keep it real. Keep it fun. People don’t mind buying from people they trust. If you’re never seen with the product, it raises flags. Thought process: if it’s so great, why don’t you have it?

This is why I stick to marketing my personal products. Once they show interest, they can then look at the entire brochure but I’ve earned their trust FIRST.

Idea: this is my personal product. I used Facebook to add “watermark” and decorations. Then I uploaded it to my stories on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. I ALSO uploaded to Pinterest. 

My blog already has personal photos of the line so I don’t need to place it there but the key is to be unique. If you go to Google/Pinterest and type in a product, how many of the results will look the same? This is why you want to create your own image to stand out. People searching won’t know/care the difference between five identical stock images.



Using Facebook Group to Gain New Customers

Facebook groups can be a great way to build a sense of community. When you have community, people are more likely to share goals as well as issues they may be facing because they TRUST you in this private place.

Do you have a Facebook group? If not, seriously consider it 🤔

Here’s what you see:

👁 A pinned post so all new members see it as soon as they join
👁 Educational video – most people value knowledge especially when you’re solving issue
👁 Call-to-action (this is how you convert friends, followers and group members — turn those likes/views into paying customers)

You’ll also see the URL to one of my digital business cards 👀. This card is set-up so that they have to give contact info which helps me build relationships later (especially if they don’t purchase at first).

The incentive for giving contact info is a discount on their order. I don’t give the discount freely so this is an added bonus. 👸🏽

Remember, most people want to know the answer to this question: what’s in it for me🤔?

Before you (the entrepreneur) ask for something, you have to give something.

I gave value first by educating (one of the 3Es).

Remember, don’t be afraid to actually reach out to group members to introduce yourself and let them know you’re available to address specific concerns 💡

Expert tip: using Facebook tool, I have questionnaire for anyone requesting to join group. I like to include spot for email or contact information. I’ve had several Facebook folks lose their accounts but they’re customers. Good thing I don’t need to search for them again.


My Facebook and Instagram are Down but I’m Still Making Sales: Here’s How!

OMG seriously?!?!


When will they get it together??!?!?


Facebook and Instagram’s issues started over six hours ago. I noticed my Facebook has been down for about two hours but I just received an order about 15 minutes ago (while Facebook was still down).


My Instagram was down from Friday until Sunday due to some Android password thing ***insert eye roll emoji here ***


Thank goodness I figured out how to keep my business rolling during these difficult social media times 😊


Click here to listen to my new podcast on how I’m still building sales even while my social media platforms are down.


P.S. The order I just received came from a client who downloaded my digital business card last week. She placed an order then and just used it to place another order today!


Happy Thanksgiving,




How Do You Start Conversations with People when You Suck at Small Talk?

Who actually dreads reaching out to people and initiating conversations? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Here’s some facts about me:

– I’m an introvert

– I hate initiating conversations

– I suck at small talk

When I speak, I HAVE to have a purpose or reason. Talking for 15 hours about the weather or the whole “what you doing” 15 times is not going to cut it for me 🙅🏽‍♀️

Who can relate 🙋🏽‍♀️

BUT reach-outs are part of my daily method of operation.

It’s one of the TOP ways to take control of your business. It’s a way to dictate how much money you’ll make NOW and it’s an excellent way to build leads LATER.

In short: there’s really no way of getting around building relationships. 👀

One trick that has helped me overcome this is genuinely connecting with people who I can actually CONNECT with (we have similar interests).

Bonus Tip: reach out to those who send you a friend request. If they don’t respond in two days, DELETE.

Added Bonus: by building my personal brand, I actually have people reaching out to me! 🥇

Interested in learning more? I’m breaking down more about reaching out, helpful tips and even showing one of my messages inside the Facebook group.

Jump in and join the conversation! Don’t hesitate to ask questions or ask for feedback!

Catch ya later,



4 Week Action Plan

Please review this info to find out what to do TODAY to grow your business NOW. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with Avon for a while or you’re just launching your business! Take these steps to get your business on track and earn more!

Week 1:

Begin taking classes on Avon U: www.youravon.com (You don’t have to take all courses at once but set a goal to begin at least one course per day)

Review KickStart info (Earn $1,000 in first 90 day): https://chicagosnatalie.com/2016/09/15/new-avon-representatives-earn-at-least-1000-in-first-90-days-with-the-new-kickstart-program-september-2016/

Now let’s get you making money: How to Launch Your Business in 2 Weeks (start this immediately)

You’re excited about your business, right?!? Now share that excitement and watch others get excited as well!

Tip: if you are on social media, make a post announcing your new business.

Example: I’m so excited! I just launched my own beauty business!

When people like/comment, send a private message to thank them and also tell them about your new Avon business. Offer them to check out the online brochure/website.

Click here for more types of posts to generate interest in your business.

Week 2:

By now, you should have your starter kit.

Take photos or even do a video showing off what all was included in your kit!

Complete the Getting Started Booklet included in your kit. Continue to work through your contacts.

Download the Weekly Success Checklist from www.teambelievers.wordpress.com or the team’s digital business card to help you keep track.

Week 3:

Keep working through your contact list if you haven’t finished.

Join Facebook groups to meet new people. Pick things that you’re interested in such as parenting, makeup, sports, etc. Set a goal to add at least 5 new friends per day.

Be sure to follow up with everyone who commented on your introductory post or who stated they were interested.

Week 4:

Create a Facebook group just for your customers. Invite everyone that you spoke to about your business.

Try to post between 1-3x per day, keep it light, fun and try to mix it up so its not just all product posts. You don’t want them to ignore you.

Don’t just post link to your online store. Facebook has been known to remove the link because people report it as spam. Remember, it’s SOCIAL media, be a real person. Direct them to message you for the website PLUS you’d then know who was interested so you can follow up!

Social Media for Beginners

Be patient. Be persistent. Don’t give up!


Social Media for Beginners

Beginner tip: let’s keep it simple.

I know the thoughts of blogs and lead capture pages can be scary, depending on your background.

Don’t worry about it (yet).

Do things manually.

Still work on your story/testimonial or curiosity post and then add a call to action!

The call to action could be telling them to like the status, message you or even drop an emoji.

For example:

Omg! I’m so excited about this new Hydra Fusion skincare line. Who wants to be one of the first to try it? Drop a 💞 in the comments!


Who needs help sleeping? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

Then reach out to people who either left emoji, comment or liked status.

If you’re sending samples, get their contact information and deliver as promised.

If you’re not sending samples, still thank them for their engagement on the post, ask if they have any questions and then direct them to your online store.

Slightly advanced but still simple: If you have a Facebook group, add them. Why? You still want to keep in contact with them! You’ll gain a group of people who are interested in your products!!! Studies show that 80% of sales come from people who have seen your message 5-12 times. Don’t just talk to them once and let them go about their way. Keep them engaged in the group or at least continue to check back in with them on Facebook. Don’t send sample or direct to online store and then forget them forever.

Tip: still follow the 80/20 rule, don’t let this type of status/post become an everyday post.

As you build up customers and want to start automating the process of collecting lead information, we can work on it!

So if you haven’t done something YET because you feel like you’re not the most technically savvy, no more excuses!



Using Online to Gain Local Customers: Hydra Fusion

Here’s an idea: I want to make another push for skin care clients.

I made this post and coming soon, I’m going to allow people to book free mini facials with me. This will allow them to try the products before they buy. Who doesn’t love that, right?

I’ll also have a few on hand in case anyone wants to buy on the spot.

With the Hydra Fusion line, though it may help, it is not an anti-aging product so they should see and feel results immediately.

I’m debating if I want to make this a group event and rent out room (think of skin care class) or do one-on-one, maybe both? We’ll see!

From that, I’m going to gain pictures and testimonials that I can share online to gain more online customers!

Thinking if you can do the same? If you don’t have a large enough following, try these tips:

1) join local groups online (groups that have your county/city/town included in name) and either friend people from group or ask to share event in group

2) ask existing customers if they’d like to try the new line

3) post the event online such as Facebook Events or Eventbrite — this will help bring in people who aren’t your friends

4) run an ad on social media targeting people interested in skin care or beauty products in your area (think of the target market for competitors)

Remember to set a goal of how many people you’d like to serve and keep going until you reach it!

Not local? Send them a sample!



Are You Struggling Keeping Up w/ Your Daily Activities

Who’s struggling with accomplishing their most important tasks? 

One of the struggles with being an entrepreneur is lack of consistency. You say you’ll do something and then something else just comes up, right? Or maybe you just simply forgot. It happens! Don’t feel bad. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Don’t give up on your dreams because you’re struggling with actually doing IT. Instead, write down what NEEDS to be done, pop them into the app, be notified when you haven’t completed them and start taking action!

Yes, I included the tasks from the Weekly Sucess Checklist in my app.

New podcast >>> https://spoti.fi/2w7zevM